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In a new Vanity Fair interview with actress and activist Mia Farrow, the paternity of her son Ronan — a wunderkind lawyer who, at the tender age of 25, has already worked for Hillary Clinton and, I dunno, solved world hunger — comes into question. Might he actually be the son of Farrow's ex-husband and occasional lover Frank Sinatra, not Woody Allen? "Possibly" is Farrow's cryptic answer to the question, blowing the doors open to a lot more questions. Ronan has been publicly disapproving of his supposed father, tweeting out jokes like this: "Happy father's day -- or as they call it in my family, happy brother-in-law's day." So maybe this would be good news for him? Maybe he already knows? I mean, I'm sure he already knows. Why would Mia Farrow do an interview with a magazine insinuating something about her child's parentage that she'd never told the child? That wouldn't happen. So yeah, let's assume that everyone in the Farrow inner circle already knew all about this and we're just hearing about it now because it's fine to talk about, because Ronan is an adult and Sinatra has passed away and Allen lives in Spain with Scarlett Johansson or whatever he's up to. That seems right, doesn't it? [Vanity Fair]

Older millennials: Remember the little guy from Big Daddy who was actually played by twins, name of Dylan and Cole Sprouse? Younger millennials: Remember Zack & Cody, the cool twins from the hotel and the boat? Well, one of them, name of Dylan, he's working at a coffee shop now. Yup, right here in the East Village of Manhattan. He's been spotted at this particular coffee shop — I will not say its name, though the information is out there — workin' away like a common jerk. Did he lose all his money? He was making some serious scratch back in his Zack & Cody days (was he Zack or Cody? Nobody knows), so that would be bad if he somehow lost all that money. But no, Sprouse explained on his Tumblr site that he's just working to support his video game habit while he attends NYU. Haha, a little joke, no big deal. But actually, sources, mysterious and possibly nefarious sources, say that Sprouse is actually slumming with the common man because he's writing a screenplay. So he needs some real-life experiences. See he was raised by six publicists and an intern on a television show set. That's all he's ever known. He'd never even left the studio lot until his 18th birthday. So he's got to figure the world out. And the best way to figure the world out is to work at a coffee shop in the East Village while you go to NYU. Nothing more real-world than that. Forget doing charity work in Detroit or teaching math in Appalachia. The East Village coffee shop experience between classes at NYU is the real deal. We wish him luck. [Page Six]

George Clooney, professional bachelor, has a new main squeeze. Now that he's split from his wrestler girlfriend Stacey Keibler (who now hosts a show about supermarkets), he's taken up with the "Croatian Sensation," model Monika Jakisic. He's been seen flirting with her before, but just recently she spent the night at his LA crib. It's actually a crib because George Clooney is a big baby who refuses to grow up and settle down with a nice lady. Maybe this Croatian Sensation will be different, though. Maybe he'll realize that he's been lonely this whole time, just him and the ghost of his pig rattling around that house in between brief, flashy courtships. It could happen. I mean, he probably looks at his friend Brad Pitt, staggering around with his seven hundred children, and thinks "No sir," but he doesn't have to have kids. He just needs some stability. The right woman in his life. Or man! Or man. Who knows. That could be a thing. We've maybe heard a few small intimations that that might be a thing. So. Whichever. Whatever way he wants to do it. He could use some consistency, is what I'm saying. Settle down, Georgie. Settle down. [Us Weekly]

Arnold Schwarzenegger bought his bastard son a jungle gym. Or, no, sorry. I'm being told that the term "bastard" has fallen out of favor unless we're in Westeros, which I'm pretty sure we're not, and that it was a home gym, like for working out, not a jungle gym, like for playing. The kid, who lives in Bakersfield with his mom, just turned 16, so Arnold sent him a gym so he could get all buffed up and bulked up and maxed out and swole and whatnot. (Haha, "swole." What a word!) Apparently the two have been getting close since it was revealed that the kid existed, or at least that he was Arnold's son, so that's nice. Never too late to form a bond. Hope he enjoys the gym. [TMZ]

"scions-dating" reads the url for this story. Scions dating. Not the cars. The people. Like the children of rich, famous people. The children in this case are Kick Kennedy, from the Kennedys, and Harper Simon, from Paul Simon. Kick is 25 while Harper is 41, so that might seem scandalous, but these are scions we're talking about. Nothing is scandalous for scions unless they actually kill a Bowdoin sophomore in a suspicious boating accident, and even then it's not that scandalous. This is fine. As scions go? This is fine. Scions dating. That's all. [Page Six]

Someone tried to burgle Rihanna's house but got scared off. They got pretty far, though. They sneaked onto her property and broke a glass door with a chair, but then ran off when the alarm sounded. So that's good. Supposedly there are more cameras on Rihanna's property than there are in Hulk Hogan's friend's bedroom, so they'll catch these guys. It may take a while, but they will. And I swear to god, if Alexis Neiers is somehow involved, there will be hell to pay, Nancy Jo. Hell. [TMZ]

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