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Dear lord is the Scandal Twitterverse going to go insane. Its hero, Kerry Washington, has announced that she is with child. Olivia Pope is havin' a baby! Us Weekly has a source who says that Washington, who married NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha this summer, is about four months along, meaning we could have a baby just in time for February sweeps. Which would really be ideal. I hope ABC sat Washington down and told her that. "Kerry, we love you. We love Nnamdi. And we love this baby. You know that. So could you please have the baby on or around February 20th? Thanks, that'd be great." ABC needs this, Kerry. They really do. So that is exciting! A Scandal baby. Is it the president's? No it is not, because that show is a make-'em-up and that guy on the show is not really the president, he is an actor named Tony Goldwyn. But we can always pretend the baby is the president's in the wonderful world of fanfic. To the LiveJournals! [Us Weekly]

Um, hm. Guy Fieri, we all know Guy Fieri. He's the irradiated cock-a-roach who has various food shows on the Food Network, programs like Guy's Food Bag and Stuff It Up with Guy Fieri. Well it seems that Mr. Fieri recently had something of an altercation with his hairdresser, and it was caught on tape. In the video, Guy's hairdresser, name of Ariel Ramirez, is standing outside an SUV, screaming and crying and punching at Guy, who is inside the car. This all happened at the San Francisco International Airport, where these sorts of things tend to happen. So what the hell was going on? Well, according to TMZ's sources, there had been some drinking on the plane, and things just escalated in a silly way. "It was just dudes being dudes," the source tells the site. Which, sure, right. Of course. Dudes being dudes. Just a little horseplay. Normal dude behavior. That kind of thing always ends with one dude's hairdresser weeping by the side of the road and hitting the other dude while he shrieks "F--k you! F--k you!!!" That's typical dude behavior right there, just guys bein' guys, lettin' off some steam. You see it all the time. And the dudes always make up. "Bro, sorry I wept on the street while screaming at you and hitting you the other day." "And I'm sorry that I kicked you and drove away, leaving you alone at the San Francisco airport." "It's cool." "Let's hug it out, bitch." That's just how these things end. Those of you with sons or brothers will know. It's simply what guys do. Especially if it's the hairdresser/hair-dressed relationship. That's a contentious one, but in a harmless way. And come on, if you were Guy Fieri's hairdresser, you'd be crying too. "I said more gel." "Guy, I—" "More gel!!!" I'm weeping by the side of the road and screaming into the night just thinking about it. [TMZ]

George Clooney is still dating Monika Jakisic. I know he was seen having dinner with Amal Alamuddin recently, but they are just friends. He can't spell either one's name, but he's only dating one of them. But sorta only unofficially dating. A source tells Us Weekly, "She's not his official 'girlfriend' yet, but they've become very close." Ha. It's weird that George Clooney has a friend who is a 7th grade girl. "She's not his girlfriend girlfriend, but they're totally a thing." Can you imagine being a 52-year-old man and reading something like "she's not his official 'girlfriend' yet" about yourself? I feel like that would be enough to make a confirmed bachelor an unconfirmed one. "Jeez, I really gotta get married. This is ridiculous." Poor George Clooney. Poor Melika and Arnold or whatever their names are. Poor everyone. [Us Weekly]

Rose Byrne is going to take boyfriend Bobby Cannavale home to Australia for Christmas. She'll crate him in the cargo hold of the plane or something. I'm not sure how that works, but she'll figure it out. She was overheard talking about this while seeing Betrayal on Broadway, which stars Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig, also a couple that acts. Parallels, you see. So, will Bobby Cannavale like Australia? Maybe! "The f--k are all these hoppin' things?" "Kangas, Bobby! Kangaroos!!! Jump on!" Rose cries as she jumps on a kangaroo and says, "Come on, kanga! To mummy and daddy's house!" And then she hops off into the outback and Bobby Cannavale has a decision to make. He can either follow this crazy broad into the desert on a kangaroo or he can turn around and go home. That's what Bobby Cannavale is gonna have to decide. [Page Six]

Look! We have a first sorta glimpse at the space costumes for Christopher Nolan's new space movie Interstellar. There are Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey in weird blue coverall robes, but beneath them we can see hints of white, clunky moon shoes and what look distinctly like space pants. They were filming in downtown Los Angeles, which isn't very space-like, but y'know, the magic of movies. They'll figure it out. And so will we, when the movie comes out a year from next Thursday. [Daily Mail]

Haha. In throwback R&B queen Ariana Grande's new video for "Right There," Patrick Schwarzenegger, son of Arnold, plays Romeo to Grande's Juliet. He's making a lot of serious faces in! Look at him, with all the acting. Just a typical college student, except for stuff like this.

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