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Today in Hollywood news: Yet another movie will not be opening in December as planned, Angelina Jolie enlists another soldier, and USA renews a show no one's ever seen before.

So basically at this point no movies are coming out in December. No, Foxcatcher, no Monuments Men, and now no Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. (I really need to know if the shadow recruit is going to follow ghost protocol.) Paramount has pushed the franchise reboot off its intended Christmas Day bow, to make room for Wolf of Wall Street, which will just barely squeak in in time for Oscar eligibility. This laves Jack Ryan out in the cold wasteland that is January, the regular dumping ground for cheap genre studio junk that kids on winter break will go see while their parents pay off Christmas credit card bills. But Jack Ryan is an $80 million, Kenneth Branagh-directed big property, so it's rather surprising that the studio would be willing to send it to the gulag. But maybe they're confident enough in the movie that they think it'll fare well in a traditionally slow month. Who knows, maybe this will finally close the gap between holiday blockbusters and the first trickles of summer-style tentpoles, which are arriving as early as March these days. Soon it could be all blockbusters all year round, forever and ever and ever. Doesn't that should great?? Thanks, Paramount! [The Hollywood Reporter]

Angelina Jolie has cast Jai Courtney in her next directorial effort, Unbroken. He'll play a WWII fighter pilot who flies alongside the film's hero, who is played by Jack O'Connell. So updating the list, that's Jai Courtney, Jack O'Connell, Garrett Hedlund, Finn Wittrock, and assorted other strapping young men, all stuck with Angelina Jolie on a tropical beach in Australia for a month or so. Clever girl, Angelina. Clever, clever girl. [Deadline]

Like Crazy director Drake Doremus is looking to hire Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart for his next movie. It's called Equals and is described by Deadline as a "science fiction tale." It was written by the guy who wrote Moon, so it could be good! And Hoult is an interesting actor, right? He's maybe not made that many interesting movies of late, but he's good. As for Stewart, well... I know she has her fans. [Deadline]

USA has renewed its show Suits for a fourth season. Which is smart. I mean, by the fourth season someone has to start watching the show, right? At least one person? Because no one, not a single person in this country or anywhere else, watches Suits right now, much like other USA shows like Covert Affairs and Necessary Roughness, or the entire TNT's entire primetime lineup. No one has ever seen an episode of these shows, and yet they remain on the air. So you'd have to assume that by season four, at least one lousy person will be flipping through the cable guide one day and say "Season four premiere? Huh. I guess I should be watching Suits?" And so they will watch Suits. And it will all have been worth it. [The Hollywood reporter]

The CW has bought a drama from Ellen DeGeneres's production company. The show is called Players and is about old 1930s Hollywood. It centers on a young Midwestern gal who moves out to Tinseltown to get revenge on a studio chief who murdered her sister. She enters the studio system, marries a closeted movie star, and gets mixed up with the mob. And that's all in the pilot! No, I don't know if that's true, but that is a lotta business, even for a season. Could be fun? Though, I wish it wasn't on The CW. Reign is cute and all, but the network doesn't really do period that convincingly. [Deadline]

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