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Because it's Friday, here's some news: Beyoncé jumped off a building in New Zealand and she looked great while doing so. See, we figure that if we were to film our own jump off the Auckland Sky Tower, we would find our face contorted in all sorts of crazy directions as we plummeted to the ground. Beyoncé, however, takes this all in stride, as if, you know, flying were natural for her. (Is it? We don't dare underestimate the power of Beyoncé.) One fan in the YouTube comments remarked, "Thats the good weave when it don't fly off when you jump off a building." But, seriously, it's been through worse

Now, doing a little more research, it's apparently not impossible to look OK when falling at approximately 85 kilometers per hour. See, One Direction did it and looked fine. 

And if you're not convinced even this screaming girl named Marissa came out remarkably unscathed. 

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