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Today in show business news: Monuments Men wasn't moved because it's bad, let's save Trophy Wife, and a movie and a TV show come back from the dead.

When the news came that George Clooney's next directorial effort, WWII adventure drama Monuments Men, is being moved off its intended December 18 opening date and pushed to the dreary lost lands of February, speculation immediately went toward the dire. The picture's a mess, the tone is off, etc. These rumors became so pervasive, specifically ones coming from Sharon Waxman's The Wrap, that George Clooney decided to call up Deadline, much to their delight, and set the record straight.

"We had a meeting with all the effects guys for our CGI stuff, and, we’re just not going to get there in time,” he said. “Then we looked at the date we had, December 18. I don’t know how many movies are opening, but it’s got to be the toughest December in recent memory for box office. We said, where’s another good place to land? And we looked at February and the Shutter Island slot."

So, there you have it. Everyone wins! Clooney gets to make the point that this was never really an awards-bait movie and that prestige dramas have done well in February in the past, and Deadline gets to gloat for the rest of the day, hell week, that not only did George Clooney give them a call, but he slammed Sharon Waxman, their hated nemesis, in the process. What a banner day for them! And with Nikki on vacation. What a shame. [Deadline]

Oh but here's an article about why so many other contenders are moving out of this year's awards field. It's mostly because it's so crowded. It's a busy year! Though, isn't that a bit like that Yogi Berra thing. You know, "Nobody goes there anymore, it's too crowded"? If everyone's moving into next year, then maybe this year isn't that crowded after all! Come on back, Foxcatcher! Seriously, come back. I want to see you. Well, anyway, this is all speculation, really. Nobody knows anything. We're all just guessing. (Also, here is a troubling quote from that article: "At least one outsider usually makes the cut in this category -- see novelty cases Catalina Sandino Moreno (Maria Full of Grace), Gabourey Sidibe (Precious), Quvenzhane Wallis (Beasts of the Southern Wild), etc." Notice something about those "novelty cases"? Hm. Interesting. Very interesting.) [The Hollywood Reporter]

Speaking of The Wrap, they have confirmed that The Wolf of Wall Street will open on Christmas Day. Nothing more Christmasy than that movie, right? [The Wrap]

We've already talked about Agents of SHIELD's ratings decline, but buried deeper in today's ratings reports is a more troubling fact. Trophy Wife is not doing well, guys. It reached a series low last night, with a 1.2 rating. That is not good! Trophy Wife is, despite itself somehow, actually a funny and charming little show, so you should not let it die. Watch it. Tell everyone you know to watch. Make your kids watch it if you still have control over your kids and they haven't yet turned into rebellious teenagers who will just go sleep at Cody's house if you boss them around too much. If you have employees, make them watch it. If you are the President, make all Americans watch it. If you are Ted Cruz, I dunno, shut down the government until everyone watches it. Do what you can! It's not a great show, but it's pretty good, and in this lousy season "pretty good" is pretty great. So. Don't let this one disappear, ya hear? [Deadline]

Huh. Even though it was pretty much a certified flop, The Mortal Instruments movie might be getting its planned sequel after all. Plans to make City of Ashes were scrapped last month after Mortal Instruments bombed, but now the production company is saying that they're gonna go ahead with the sequel after all. They are looking at what went wrong and are confident that positive fan reaction will propel them to success next time. Though, you'd have to imagine that the budget will be significantly lower. So it'll look (even) worse and probably won't get marketed all that well and will probably just end up going straight to On Demand. (Isn't it weird that we don't really say straight to video anymore? Or, I mean, straight to DVD?) What this really means, though, is that stars Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower, both undoubtedly contracted to do about twenty of these movies, are pretty upset right now. "No, Danny! You said I was done! You said I was free!" Campbell Bower cries to his agent. "No!" he stamps his foot. "I won't! I won't do it!" Danny sighs and leans forward in his chair. "Look, kid, you gotta. It's the law. Come on, it's not so bad. It'll be fine. It's money, right? Listen, you want some tea? Lemme get you some tea. Marcy! Tea for Mr. Bower please!" And Jamie sits there whimpering until the tea is brought to him and then he seems to feel a little better. [Variety]

That's not the only thing coming back from the dead. ABC is considering bringing back the Dana Delaney medical examiner procedural Body of Proof. The show was doing OK before they canceled it in the spring, it was a reliable middle-ranger, so people were a little surprised that it was axed at all. But now that ABC is in shambles once again with the ruination of Lucky 7 and the not-so-fabulous performance of SHIELD, they're beggin' the Body brigade to come back. But everyone's now scattered to the wind, so let's see if they can all be collected. Might be hard. Silly ABC. You made all this work for yourself. [Deadline]

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