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The times are changing, and stodgy old cable news channels have to change with them. With the popularity of Twitter and other social media platforms, television news has a lot of competition — and a lot of supposed information to process and vet. And so Fox News, looking to be an innovator in its field, has designed the new Fox News Deck, which it unveiled today. It is very, very silly.

The first thing you notice about the Fox News Deck, which is where the network's main news guy Shepard Smith will do his broadcast, is what appear to be enormous iPads; sitting right there in the studio are a bunch of reporters manipulating huge touchscreens. (Or the people are very, very small, which hopefully is not the case. If it is, that means Roger Ailes is in league with the faerie kingdom and we are really in trouble.) The effect is supposed to be sleek and modern, but instead it looks like Honey I Shrunk the Kids, which, while a classic, is neither sleek nor modern.

What's even sillier is that, from this initial video introduction, these monster-sized Kindle Fires seem to mostly be used as big Twitter machines. Just a bunch of reporters playing Twitter on humongous iPads because of the Internet or something. Elsewhere, there's a big screen that Shep Smith can interact with using what's basically a retrofitted Wii controller. Technology!

What any of this means for actual newsgathering is unclear, but it's probably not much. But hey, at least they're trying. The other networks are still fumbling around with their human-sized tablets, like the non-magic-bean-having chumps that they are. Fox wins!

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