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David Bowie spent $12.99, and all he got was the creepiest glam-goes-Halloween video you'll see all day—or decade probably, unless you're especially into this sort of thing.

Premiered at last night's Mercury Prize ceremony since the Thin White Duke couldn't make it in the flesh, the video is an unnerving scene of seemingly life-sized Bowie mannequins and assorted puppets staring the viewer down to the tune of James Murphy's inspired remix of "Love Is Lost," the artist's latest single. There's also Bowie himself lurking suggestively in a doorway and appearing as a ghostly pale projection, plus a recurring sink. Make of that what you will.

Better than the video itself is the budget, or noted lack thereof: this was shot in Bowie's New York offices and reportedly cost $12.99, the cost of a mere flash drive to download the finished product. No cast, no crew; Bowie wrote, shot, and edited, and assistants Jimmy King and friend Coco Schwab helped out. The remix will appear on the three-disc special edition of The Next Day. Here's the video:

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