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Drug use, stripping, her engagement with Edward Norton and what it's like to sleep with Billy Corgan — Courtney Love has promised to talk about all of those things in a new 400-page memoir which hits shelves on December 15. "From her rocky relationship with her hippy parents and her days spent stripping to make ends meet to the truth behind her drug abuse and recovery, this is a riveting story, too crazy not to be true," reads the description for Courtney Love: My Story. Amazon announced the release date for the book on Monday night.

Love's literary foray comes on the heels of Morrissey's autobiography — which people can't stop talking about and a book which people seemingly couldn't wait for. And seeing how well that book did, and is doing, could have spurred her publisher, Macmillan, to move on Love's book. Her connection to Kurt Cobain and the 20th anniversary of Nirvana's "In Utero" album this year couldn't hurt either. 

Like Morrissey's book, people will be poring over Love's book looking for certain things, like the parts when she mentions Kurt or the part where she tells us what really is going on between her and Madonna. She is, after all, one rock's biggest loudmouths and has plenty of run-ins with other celebrities. But readers looking for some brash, abrasive, unapologetic smack-talk might be in for disappointment.

In an interview with Billboard over the summer, she said the memoir wasn't going to be about other people. "In fact, you'd think I was the Virgin Mary from his book so far — but that doesn't mean there's not juicy parts in it," she said, possibly failing to realize that dishing on other people, is one of the reasons people love Courtney Love. "There's some salacious things about myself, but there's certainly no kissy-telly. I don't do kiss-tell. It's not that," she added. 

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