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Only a day after news of author Tom Clancy's death broke, a debut trailer for the first Jack Ryan film since 2002 has premiered. Just like 2002's The Sum of All Fears, it's a reboot of the franchise with Chris Pine in the lead role, following in the footsteps of Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, and Batman Ben Affleck. If the timing of this trailer is fortuitous, how lucky for Paramount. If it's intentional, that's kinda gross.

Anyhow, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is described as a prequel for Ryan, who at the beginning of the film is living happily with his wife Cathy (Kiera Knightley). She later finds out about his spy work and seems (understandably!) peeved. At some point, Kevin Costner shows up as a CIA handler, and dispenses the cringeworthy explanation that "This is geopolitics, not couples therapy."

Cue at least three large explosions, an airborne ambulance, and Pine's ominous description of an attack on "Tokyo, London, the United States. It's gonna be a wipeout. We'll never see it coming." Which makes sense, obviously, because when you know the location of an attack it is also impossible to predict it. Expect some double crossing, car chases, helicopter crashes and rote espionage.

The film, directed by classically trained Shakespearean actor Kenneth Branagh (also wielding a shoddy Russian accent as the film's villain), is out on Christmas Day.

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