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Staying out of trouble isn't in Chris Brown's playbook. The R&B singer was arrested, along with one other person, Sunday morning for felony assault after an altercation outside a D.C. hotel. 

TMZ, of course, first reported the 24-year-old Brown was arrested after getting into an argument and punching another man around 4:30 a.m. outside the W Hotel on Washington's K Street. The victim is being treated for injuries at a local hospital. The Metropolitan Police Department confirmed Brown's arrest with Buzzfeed and other Washington reporters. TMZ reports the fight started after Brown allegedly hurled a gay slur at two men: 

Two woman approached Brown in front of the W Hotel and asked to take a picture with him.  As the pic was about to be taken, 2 men rushed over to get in the photo.  We're told Chris then said, "I'm not into this gay s**t, I'm into boxing," and threw a punch at the alleged victim.  The fight was then taken to the ground.

This isn't the first time Brown's been accused of hurling homophobic comments during a fight. Fellow R&B singer Frank Ocean accused Brown, or someone in his crew, of using homophobic slurs when Brown jumped Ocean in a parking lot earlier this year

MPD also told Buzzfeed that 35-year-old Christopher Hollosy, who TMZ believes is Brown's bodyguard, was also arrested Sunday morning in connection with the same incident. Brown was in town for a Howard University homecoming after party, where he was spotted earlier that evening on Instagram. Many will be pleased to know he's not receiving special celebrity treatment behind bars, according MPD spokesperson Anthony Clay:

Brown will likely be in jail all day, Clay said, because courts do not generally operate on Sundays. The singer will also be in a cell with another detainee, as the jail has no separate accommodation for celebrities.

“We don’t have VIP cells or anything, any special treatment, unless they’re a hazard,” Clay said. “We would only segregate if we believe something could be wrong.”

Brown could face up to four years in prison if convicted. The singer is still on probation for his 2009 assault against then-girlfriend Rihanna. After a messy alleged hit and run in Los Angeles earlier this year, Brown bargained an extended probation period instead of doing jail time for those charges. Brown plans to release a new album, X, on November 19, after which he once mentioned retiring. He might have an extended absence on the pop charts, though it may not be voluntary. 

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