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As a weary world reels from the news that Charlie Hunnam dropped out of the highly anticipated 50 Shades of Grey movie, some brave souls are trying to figure out why. Why would Charlie Hunnam abandon this project? The official reason is an "immersive TV schedule," but we all know that's hooey. So the latest theory is that Hunnam dropped out for fear of being typecast in the role, much like Twilight actor Robert Pattinson has struggled to buck the Edward Cullen role that made him famous. That makes sense. The similarities are there. Both movies are adaptations of wildly popular but not terribly well-written novel series. 50 Shades even began as Twilight fanfic. Both actors are British. And neither are terribly good at acting! I'm sorry, Sons of Anarchy fans, but Charlie Hunnam is not a very good actor, nor is Robert Pattinson. So the likelihood of Hunnam being forever associated with the Christian Grey role, as Pattinson is with Edward, was very high. So Hunnam has wisely bowed out. He'll lose out on a lot of money no doubt, but at least he'll be free. Meanwhile, the rumor mill has Jamie Dornan in talks for the role. Here is a picture of Jamie Dornan acting. It seems like he has the chops! [People]

Here's an embarrassing story. Young golfing phenom Rory McIlroy has dumped his girlfriend, young tennis phenom Caroline Wozniacki, because she tweeted a photo of him sleeping. It's a cute photo, he's maybe snoring or drooling or something, but he apparently was not happy. If this rumor is true — and it might not be, the photo was posted a month ago and we're just hearing about it now — that is very silly. In that particular guy way, where they are so standoffish about anything, any small thing, that makes them look the tiniest bit silly or not hard/tough/cool/whatever. This is of course all a very big if, we have no idea if this breakup rumor is actually true, they might not even be broken up, but if it is? If he did break up with this girl because she posted a sort of charming photo of him sleeping? Then Rory McIlroy is a very silly person who should be embarrassed. If it's true, that's the case. But only if it's true. [Page Six]

Apparently Blake Shelton has some sort of beef with the Westboro Baptist Church? I mean, pretty much everyone has a beef with those dummies, but Blake Shelton has a specific beef, in that they're threatening to protest one of his concerts because he said something mildly supportive of gay rights. Shelton was asked about this beef by a TMZ pap recently and Shelton, seemingly aided by a few drinks, said "The Westboro Baptist Church can blow me." Then he said it again and asked to be quoted on that. And so he was quoted! Which is all well and good, haha a silly thing said about a silly organization, though I do wonder how NBC will feel about this. Shelton is part of The Voice's squeaky panel of sycophants and simps, so I don't know that saying someone or something can "blow" him is really in keeping with that image. Normally it wouldn't be a big deal, but NBC needs The Voice really badly. If The Voice goes away, all is lost. It probably doesn't matter, because he was talking about the universally reviled Westboro Baptist Church, but he should be careful. Nothing can jeopardize The Voice. If he keeps mouthing off like this, NBC will not hesitate to lock him up in a tower and only release him for tapings. They did it to Matt LeBlanc, they'll do it to Blake Shelton. [TMZ]

Jake Gyllenhaal has lost a lot of weight for a role. He's filming a movie called Nightcrawler, though sadly it's not about teleporting blue monsters or worms. It's some sort of thriller about crime journalism, and apparently he needs to be very skinny for it. So he is! There is a picture of him looking very skinny. Not like Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club skinny, but definitely skinny. Skinnier than he was in, like, Prince of Persia or something. Anyway. That's the news. That's the Jake Gyllenhaal news today. [Us Weekly]

Uh oh! After only a month on the job, Jenny McCarthy is already the victim of rumors that she's getting replaced. By Elisabeth Hasselbeck no less. That's the scuttlebutt in the Daily Mail anyway, which suggests that McCarthy is testing badly with audiences because she's too argumentative and not likable. Which, sure, Jenny McCarthy is the worst in many ways, but it's kind of too bad that we definitely would not be getting comments like that if the show was a panel of men. Boring thing to say, perhaps, but true. This story, meanwhile, is probably not true. At least the Hasselbeck part. She just started at Fox News, I can't see her wriggling out of her contract this soon. But yeah, I could see McCarthy being bumped out. Who should replace her? My vote is for a mop with a paper plate taped to it and a face is drawn on the paper plate and the mop is the hair. Barbara will say "What do you think, mop?" and the camera will cut to the mop for like 30 seconds of strange silence and it will be the most salient point ever made on The View. Mop in 2014!  [Daily Mail]

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