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Today in show business news: NBC is sending people to space, MTV reups with The Challenge, and Rachael Ray gets two more years.

NBC has picked up a space travel reality series from mega producer Mark Burnett and crazed billionaire Richard Branson. The show is called Space Race and it's about people competing for a chance to go space on one of Richard Branson's spaceships. Yes, Richard Branson has spaceships! Or at least one spaceship. And soon regular Joes like you and me (specifically you and me — see you there!) will be competing to go on one of the space flights. I should add that these space flights are almost assuredly doomed. Terrifyingly, the first one is packed with celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. (Winslet won a seat on the flight as a thank you from Branson, after Winslet saved his mother from a burning building on Branson's private island. Winslet then married Branson's nephew, a man named Ned Rocknroll. And now she is going to space. That is all true. All of it.) So maybe once all the celebrities die in a ball of silent screaming and fire, NBC will pull the plug on this show. But for now, it's on. [Deadline]

They're probably partying it up over at Bacardi HQ right, more so than usual even. Why? Because MTV has renewed its reality series The Challenge — featuring former Real World and Road Rules (though, those numbers are dwindling as the years go by) contestants competing for cash — for another season. The 25th, to be exact. And those booze-soaked demons like nothing more than sweet rum drinks. So Captain Morgan and Malibu and all the rest, you guys are in luck. Your children will eat for another year. But after that, who knows. I'd say get in on the white wine business while you can still catch the Housewives wave, but I think that's ending too. Sorry. Tough business. [Vulture]

Also renewed for another season is USA's Covert Affairs, the thing about the Secret Service starring Violet/Josie from Coyote Ugly. The next season will be its fifth! That's crazy, considering no one has ever actually seen that show. Bizarre how these things happen. [The Hollywood Reporter]

One more renewal! Break out the EVOO and the sammies and maybe some stewp, because the queen of 2006, Rachael Ray, will have a talk show for at least two more years. Her show, cryptically titled Rachael Ray, is now set to run through 2015, which will bring it to its 10th season. It's likely that it will continue past that, as it remains popular and she's got the backing of Oprah, for heaven's sake. So, Rachael Ray's improbable career continues. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Ugh. Gross. Awful. The guys who made Harold and Kumar are making a comedy, that Seth Rogen is producing no less, called Cherries. It is about losing virginity on prom night. Ho hum, you think. Seen it before. Except, there's a twist. "It follows the fathers of three girls who try and stop their daughters from losing their virginity on prom night." Oh. Terrific. Isn't that great? More disgusting things about dads being the gatekeepers of their daughter's private parts. What a cool concept for a movie! I hope Vince Vaughn is in it. That'll be great. The lads are running around willy-nilly, but the girls, oh no, not the girls. They must be protected, by their creepy dads, who are obsessed with their daughters' sex lives. In a movie called Cherries. Jesus that's awful. Burn this thing to the ground. [Slashfilm]

Now that the Breaking Bad dust has settled, everyone from the cast seems to have figured out their next moves. Marie's on Michael J. Fox's new show The Michael J. Fox Show, Hank's stuck under that ding-dang dome, Skyler's doing some Bravo pilot, and Walt's doing a play in Cambridge. So that just leaves Walt Jr./Flynn. And he's now booked a gig! He'll recur next season on ABC Family's melodrama Switched at Birth, playing "Campbell, a pre-med college student paralyzed by a snowboarding accident who works at the free clinic alongside Daphne." Hm. OK. Sounds fine. I'm sure there are other things the kid would rather be doing, but work is work. Nice to know everyone's taken care of. [The Hollywood Reporter]

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