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Homeland's soldier/congressman/terrorist/fugitive Nicholas Brody hasn't been around or the first two episodes of the third season of the show, but he'll get 30 minutes all to himself to explain what he's been up to—just not exactly on the TV show.

While we still don't know how the show will reintegrate Brody into the story line, Ellen Gamerman of The Wall Street Journal reports that Audible — an Amazon subsidiary and the nation's largest seller of audiobooks — will release a 30 minute audiobook following Sunday's episode, featuring actor Damien Lewis giving insight into just what Brody's been up to in his run from the law. Basically, if you wanted to listen to a half an hour long Brody monologue, this is for you. (Spoiler alert: He's been blamed for an enormous terrorist attack on CIA headquarters.) 

And lest you think this is just going to be information you've already heard just in a different format, Jeffrey Godsick of Fox Consumer Products said the audio book, titled "Phantom Pain," is "by no means a rehash—it's a fresh new take." 

So, who's ready for Dana's 30-minute audio book about her stint in rehab? 

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