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Brenton Thwaites. It's sort of a ridiculous name, but it's about to be everywhere. The young Australian actor has just landed yet another big role. He'll star opposite Gerard Butler in the action flick God of Egypt, about a war between Set and Horus (Jamie Lannister). Thwaites is playing a human who sides with Horus. So that could be big! I mean, it will probably be stupid and cheesy like Wrath of the Titans, but who knows. (And let's not even get into the fact that none of these people are, y'know, pretty white to be playing Egyptians.) He adds this to an already impressive slate of movies: He'll be in Ride opposite Helen Hunt, who also wrote and directed. He filmed a thriller with Laurence Fishburne called The Signal and something called Son of a Gun with Ewan McGregor. Then there's Maleficent, in which he plays Prince Charming doing battle with Angelia Jolie's big bad. And he's playing the lead in The Giver, which he's currently filming with Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep. So this kid's goin' places! Weird, considering he's so homely. Ah well. They hold men to different standards. It's really unfair. (Kidding. Look how hard that interviewer is falling for him. Get it, gurl.) [Deadline]

Woody Allen has pulled his film Blue Jasmine from theaters in India, because there's a law there that any time a character smokes in a movie, a warning message from the Ministry of Health has to be placed in the scene. Like text over the screen I guess. Which is pretty strict! Allen didn't want that happening, so no Blue Jasmine in India. Poor Jasmine. Everything bad happens to her. Also, has anyone in India ever actually seen Pulp Fiction or is it just a Ministry of Health message set to music? [The Hollywood Reporter]

Angelina Jolie has cast actor John Magaro in her next directorial effort, Unbroken. Magaro has been in a number of things, like David Chase's Not Fade Away and the upcoming Captain Phillips, but mostly he's been in this. In that singing Walmart/Coke commercial that's actually, y'know, kinda cute. It's unclear if Jolie will have him sing for this. Let's hope so though. [Deadline]

Salma Hayek will play Pierce Brosnan's love interest in the indie comedy How to Make Love Like an Englishman. (Say "Oh bother" and "Right" and "That's it, yes, that's it" a lot?) Brosnan plays a Cambridge professor who likes-a the ladies, but then he meets Hayek's character and wants to settle down. The trouble is, he's just gotten her stepsister, a grad student played by Jessica Alba, pregnant. Oops! Quite a predicament. Also, do we want to talk about Jessica Alba playing a Cambridge grad student? First we have Justin Timberlake as a Princeton math whiz (ha) and now we have Good Luck Chuck playing a Cambridge grad student. Everyone's secretly so smart! [Deadline]

Here's the last trailer for Ender's Game before the movie comes out. Enjoy!

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