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Scorpions, green screen jokes, crack smoking, inappropriate racism, ineffective condoms, and Harrison Ford: that's what you'll get with these two new Anchorman trailers, in what seems to be the start of an advertising blitz for the long-awaited sequel. 

Paramount released not one but two looks at the new film—which they are promo-ing the hell out of with those 70 (!) Ron Burgundy-Dodge Durango ads—and Burgundy and the gang are back and dumber than ever. We find out that Will Ferrell's Burgundy got pushed out of his job by his wife Christina Applegate's Veronica Corningstone, who is now palling around with Greg Kinnear. The Channel 4 News Team heads to New York to the CNN-esque GNN where they encounter both black people and gay people, which confuses them. Brick thinks he's dead. Brian Fantana has some condoms that don't prevent pregnancy. Harrison Ford thinks Ron is a bad anchor, there's a dance number, and James Marsden has great hair. 

So it's basically unclear whether this will live up to the revered status of the original with all the dumb jokes some how gelling into something that fans will rally behind to quote, or whether it will seem like a nearly ten years too late attempt to capitalize on the fan base. We'll have to see December 20. 

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