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Bill Nye, the science guy who taught us about chemical reactions and had the best theme song of the 90s, debuted on Dancing With the Stars last night. The thing is, he wasn't very good even though everyone really wants him to be.In fact, he had the worst scores out of everyone. Worse than Snookie. Worse than Leah Remini. Worse than Bill Engvall doing the foxtrot. The judges took Bill's cha cha to task, and the Internet was not pleased. 

Bill and his "knockout" (Bill's words) partner Tyne performed a bizarre cha cha dance set to, you guessed it, "Weird Science." While the crowd was into it, the judges were brutal.

Carrie Ann Inaba said it best, "Everyone out here was smiling and with you and supporting you, and yeah, we have to loosen up those hips and work on that footwork."

That's right, no matter how much fun he is, we have to face it: Bill Nye is not a good dancer. There's even a BuzzFeed list devoted to why he needs to keep going and at least one Redditor thinks that the power of the hivemind can propel him to victory, but isn't it going to be really awkward watching him Paso Doble on week eight when he can't even keep the rhythm on week one?

There's precident for this too. Cloris Leachman made it through half of her season without ever hitting it off with the judges, and Evander Holyfield made up for his two left feet with heart. These people never win, so why string them along and watch them awkwardly try to do a box step? No, we force them to soldier on, monkeys we're literally making dance for our own enjoyment.

Even Bill Nye knows he sucks. Let's save the charade, cherish our memories of him, and put this to an end.

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