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Even in a night of surprises, it was no shock that Amy Poehler and Jon Hamm didn't take home trophies at the Emmys last night. They lose so often (a collective 16 times) they're throwing a big bash for the "it's an honor to be nominated crowd." Winners even have to leave their statues outside.

"Poehler and I are friends from a long time ago and every year when we would lose the Emmy we would kind of wink at each other and call each other loser for the rest of the night," Hamm told E! News before the party. They came up with the idea for the party last year when they were hanging out in Kristin Wiig's hotel suite with a bunch of other also-rans. "We called it the Losers Lounge because nobody that was there won and it kind of stuck. We were like, ‘That was a really fun party. We should do that again, but we should do it bigger and better and invite our friends who aren't going to win either and we'll have a good time with it."

The party was held at Soho House in L.A. and all losers were welcome. Winners could attend, but not only were trophies not welcomed (is there anything more annoying than all those party pics where they're carrying the Golden Lady with two hands?), but winners also had to donate $1000 to World Wide Orphans. Okay, so everything from the party at Wiig's hotel to being mean to losers is enough to make you want to hug these two and never let go (even with Hamm's new scraggly beard), but then they raised $30,000 for charity on top of it? How are some people just so damn cool?

The only winner E! News spotted at the party was Tina Fey who was probably going to attend her BFFs' party no matter what. Other losers included Bill Hader, Jimmy Kimmel, Elizabeth Moss, Jane Krakowski, and Robin Wright. The party was heavy on comedy stars and SNL alums which totally makes sense considering the hosts of the party. Doesn't that sound like just so much fun, cracking jokes with all these drunk celebrities? Allison Williams was even seen dancing to the Pointer Sisters. I want to dance with Allison Williams to the Pointer Sisters! Seriously, this sounds so cool it almost makes me want to write a sitcom script, get it picked up, get nominated for an Emmy, and lose just so I can go the party next year.

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