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Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers were on television together last night for the first time since being appointed as the new rulers of NBC's late night kingdom. It was a big night for the other late night hosts ahead of Leno, the current king, hosting the President Tuesday night. 

"February, right around the corner! Are you excited for the Olympics?" Fallon asked, referring to the month when Meyers will finally graduate from Saturday Night Live's famous Studio 8H and inherit the Late Night desk from Fallon, who's off to The Tonight Show. "Winter Olympics fever! As you know, long-time luge enthusiast. It's a big time for me," Meyers responded. 

Meyers joked about people asking him whether or not he's going to "get" The Roots when he inherits the desk from Fallon. "I think they think it's like you're going to college and I just get your stuff," he explained. Unfortunately for Meyers, he'll have to find his own late night band because The Root are following Fallon to The Tonight Show. But the two men were excited about doing their shows in the same building together after Tonight moves from Burbank when Fallon takes over. 

"We're going to have a lot of NBC fun times together," Fallon warned. "We're late night now." 

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