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James Franco is getting his own TV series because he's James Franco so why not? James Franco!

The TV series—which will premiere in November on the independent cable network Ovation, according to Andrew Wallenstein of Variety—is called James Franco Presents.

James Franco Presents will be comprised of 10 episodes, each an hour long, of James Franco doing James Franco-y things like telling you about all the art and literature and institutions of higher learning that James Franco is into at the current moment. James Franco will also show you some "experimental" short films James Franco has made and some video James Franco has just happened to shoot. James Franco himself will, per Wallenstein, introduce each segment, but may not always be on screen because this is James Franco Presents and all that is required is that his presence be felt. 

Don't call James Franco Presents a reality show. No, James Franco wouldn't have that. James Franco Presents is an "anthology docuseries," according to Ovation CCO Robert Weiss, who also said that "The show sees the word of art through James’ eyes." 

James Franco's eyes don't really look particularly excited about James Franco Presents based on the video he posted on Instagram about the show, but James Franco just doesn't show emotion like normal people because he is James Franco. 

(This experimental blog post was presented by James Franco.) 

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