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Singer Chris Brown is just tired of people still bringing up his 2009 felony assault of Rihanna, so he announced on Twitter today that he will call it quits after his newest album is released on August 26.

But Chris Brown, you are rich and famous! Two albums ago you told us to "Look At Me Now." We're looking; what's the problem?

Brown was actually 19 during the February 2009 beating, but he may also be tired or disoriented from spending some 45 minutes in jail, the consequence of a misdemeanor charge for an alleged hit and run, which violated his probation — a probation that stems from his assault on Rihanna. 

Take note, Chris Brown haters: His new album "X" drops in 20 days, so you can now set your countdowns until his (potential) retirement.

In all likelihood, however, Brown will be back sooner rather than later, if he even goes through with the retirement at all. Despite his legions of detractors, Brown has been hugely successful, having just won a Grammy for a recent album, so a retirement at age 24 seems unlikely. 

Then again, Brown could be following in the footsteps of Amanda Bynes, who retired from acting back in 2010, only to un-retire a month later. As a matter of fact, Bynes recently tweeted at Rihanna, "Chris Brown beat you because you're not pretty enough." She has since been confined to a mental hospital. 

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