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Summer's here, which means its time for a new Woody Allen movie, and we now have the first trailer Blue Jasmine, which looks like a return to form of sorts for the director, or at least a return to America—and a dark turn to his tale. Unlike some of his other more recent efforts—cough, cough To Rome With Love—this film seems less like a travelogue of some beautiful location than a character study of a woman falling apart. That woman, named Jasmine (get it?), is played by Cate Blanchett. Alec Baldwin is her jerk of a husband. Sally Hawkins is her sister who she goes to stay with in San Francisco when she loses her money. Hawkins dates "losers" like Louis C.K. 

To be sure, Woody Allen puts out so many movies that it's hard to know which ones are going to be good from a trailer alone. But this one comes with the promise of Blanchett being reliably fantastic. It looks like Allen has a real story here, too, one that has all kind of anger and resentment. Color us excited. 

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