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Welcome to the Box Office Report, where we're ready to declare Marvel the rulers of the summer movie season. No mas. Mercy. We surrender. 

1. Iron Man 3 (Buena Vista): $175.3 millions in 4,253 theaters

OK, so, where do we start? The Iron Man franchise has consistently been pretty darn great. And it arguably is the only reason Marvel became a summer movie powerhouse, and why The Avengers made so much money last summer. So maybe it shouldn't be surprising that Iron Man 3 just had the second largest opening weekend of all time, coming in behind last summer's superhero team up ($207.4 million). But what this really means is the summer movie season has officially started. Let the explosions begin. 

2. Pain & Gain (Paramount): $7.6 million in 3,287 theaters [Week 2]

You may remember that, last week, Pain & Gain actually made some money. That trend did not continue. No, Michael Bay's little experimental film -- as in, it has people and no robots -- seems to be a rare dud on his record. Pain & Gain plummeted by 62 percent in its second week. In the earlier parts of his career, Bay could make a movie with people and still produce at the box office, but that's no longer the case. Surprisingly, it's not the biggest drop in the weekend percentages though. 

3. 42 (Warner): $6.2 million in 3,345 theaters [Week 4]

People are still seeing 42. Good for those people, and this movie. Hopefully time doesn't forget about it. The bar is so high for baseball movies, and this story in general, that it was almost impossible for it to live up to expectations. 

4. Oblivion (Universal): $5.8 million in 3,430 theaters [Week 3]

Oh boy. Oblivion dropped nearly 70 percent between weeks two and three. It made enough during its first week, and internationally, that it won't be viewed as a total disaster. But Stark's presence in theaters hurt this more than anything else. 

5. The Croods (Fox): $4.2 million in 2,915 theaters [Week 7]

This is the second most successful movie in the top five right now. Iron Man 3 out-earned it in one week. So, there's that. 

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