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The New York Times' Bill Carter reports current Saturday Night Live head writer Seth Meyers will replace Jimmy Fallon as the host of Late Night when Fallon moves to The Tonight Show. Meyers has long been rumored to be the leading candidate ever since Fallon was officially tapped to replace Leno on the big show. There were briefly rumors that NBC was prepping Howard Stern to take over as Late Night host, but those didn't make sense once you gave them any real thought.

Lorne Michaels is now the head of NBC's late night properties so it's not surprising he's posting one of his most trusted pupils into the role. Meyers has been on SNL for twelve seasons now.  "It always seemed like a logical next move," Meyers told Carter before Saturday's episode. "It was just competing with the very emotional idea of leaving a place I have been for a very long time. But if you are going to do that, it seems like you might as well just move a hallway or two." Not announcing it during the Weekend Update broadcast must have been difficult. 

The questions now turn towards who will fill Meyers' shoes in Studio 8H. He's the show's head writer and Weekend Update anchor, but there's no obvious successor in sight. Meyers has done Weekend Update solo ever since Tina Fey left the show. Jason Sudeikis was originally slated to leave in January after he was asked to stay on through the election. But Lorne Michaels indicated to the Associated Press in December that Sudeikis may be sticking around for much longer than we originally were led to believe. 

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