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Vulture reports that Community, NBC's beloved-by-some-and-not-by-others comedy, will likely get a fifth season. So rejoice, Community fans, and remember this: you now have no reason to complain about the lack of love your show is getting from its network. 

Community always seemed fated to be one of those famously critically-acclaimed, short-lived shows. It's been batted around its network and had seemingly endless personnel problems. In 2011 the show was pulled from NBC's midseason schedule. The fourth season, which happened after its creator, Dan Harmon, was ousted, was also delayed indefinitely, returning this year to so-so reviews. But Community has been able to bounce back, and now, yes, it's probably getting a fifth season. 

No matter what happens now — whether it lives a long Cheers-length TV life or gets yanked after five seasons — one thing is for certain: it will not go down as one of those gone-too-soon television shows. The longest a show can go and still be designated a gone-too-soon gem is three season. Most of these misunderstood latter-day cult classics (say, Judd Apatow's Freaks & Geeks and Undeclared) survive only one season — maybe two. Veronica Mars is a good example of a three-seasoner. But with five seasons, Community is almost at its "six seasons and a movie" goal (a joke from the show adopted by fans). It is now just another TV show.

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