Video Tribute to 2 Decades

Stop calling me Shirley.

The best part of the 1980s:

The best part of the 1960s—OK, there were a lot of them, but this is one that is particularly unbelievable in retrospect.

The "Hah!" at time 1:50 is the part that I always thought would make Frank Sinatra proudest of his daughter's ability to express the meaning of a song.

For myself, I am proud to be an American.


Update OK, here is a third video tribute-to-a-decade. It is of toddler-aged pandas playing on a slide at the Panda Base in Chengdu, and it is from the 2010s. I am still proud to be an American, but I'm glad to have seen animals like this at Sichuan province panda reserves.

Thanks to DL for this one, and thanks to the world for providing such riches.