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Much like HBO's The Newsroom, Young Republicans National Policy Chairman Jason Whitman seems to be living two years in the past. You know, back when The Newsroom didn't exist. Yesterday, a parody Twitter account for The Newsroom's fake anchor Will McAvoy tweeted the following:

Angered that someone would be so harsh to fair Sarah, Whitman jumped to her defense, tweeting: "It's odd that @WillMcAvoy_ACN is dedicating an entire hour of his show to "politically irrelevant" @SarahPalinUSA" So... oops! A helpful fellow twitterer pointed out that he was enraged about a fake newscaster on a fake television network (they could have also pointed out that joke was that people do spend a lot of time talking about how irrelevant Sarah Palin is, thus making her... relevant) and Whitman deleted the tweet. But luckily Romenesko has a screenshot.

The poor guy. Wait until someone tells him about the Gabby Giffords episode.


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