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Remember that video that went viral during the Olympics of Ryan Lochte being terrible at interviews? You know the one. You watched it about ten times. Well, imagine six episodes of that on the E! network: a so-bad-it's-funny train wreck of an actual television show featuring the gold medal winner doing and saying ridiculous things. This is actually happening, people. Beginning April 21.

There's new proof in the promo for the "docu-series" What Would Ryan Lochte Do? that came out Tuesday:

Watch with horrified fascination as he explains the proper pronunciation of "Jeah." (The "a" and "h" is more of an afterthought.) Groan as he shows off sneakers that "really broke [him] out in the fashion world." Sigh as he describes how he wants the "Lochte edge" but has no idea what that actually is. Roll your eyes as he asks girls out to dinner. Laugh as his older sister looks at him like he's insane.

As absurd as it all is—he says "don't duplicate, just recipitate" in one clip—one does get the sense that Lochte is just that genuinely clueless, a real life version of the "sex idiot" he "played" on 30 Rock. He doesn't have the winking quality so many reality stars have. That doltishness is just his real persona. It's funny for a YouTube video. We'll see how it works out on a reality show. 

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