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We wonder what Truman Capote would say: Game of Thrones fans are invading Broadway to snap photos of a naked Holly Golightly played by Daenerys Targaryen.

Some theater-goers with prurient interests who went to see Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke play Golightly in a new adaptation of Breakfast at Tiffany's on Broadway decided to balk Broadway rules and snap photos of the actress during a nude scene, the New York Post reports. A source said there were a number of Game of Thrones fans in the house Monday and "what titillated the audience . . . was a full nude scene between Emilia and [male lead] Cory Michael Smith." (How could the source designate who was a Game of Thrones fan? Were they shouting "winter is coming?")

In the play Clarke, as Golightly, undresses Smith's character after he is injured and puts him in a bath. She then comes out in a towel, drops it, and gets in as well, though there are "are bubbles strategically placed."

The whole situation strikes us as, well, rather silly. People can watch Clarke get naked regularly on Game of Thrones, where nudity is most certainly embraced, so why the need for a blurry cell phone picture that a) probably doesn't capture what these folks are really looking for, b) is disrespectful to the actors, and c) bothers other theater-goers? (Full disclosure: picture taking in theaters is a major pet peeve of ours.) And these are Game of Thrones fans, no less. Do they not get HBO? Do they not have the Internet? Were they interested in Smith, who plays Fred? Were they trying to see if their cameras could pick up any evidence of dragons? 

The whole situation just yields more questions than answers. 

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