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For all the secrecy, the Star Trek Into Darkness team has certainly been putting out a lot of trailers. Another recent clip brought back some of our favorite characters, but the new international trailer out today actually give us, you know, some plot. 

First we hear from Starfleet about something that happens in London committed by "one of our top agents." Then, in menacing voiceover (are voiceovers in these trailers ever not "menacing"?), Benedict Cumberbatch's maybe-Khan villain explains the following: "Your commanders have committed a crime I cannot forgive. None of you are safe." Well OK then. Starfleet is subsequenetly attacked. Our hero, Captain Kirk, springs into action. He is told: "Starfleet is not about vendetta." But he thinks "maybe it should be." Because if he didn't, this would be a pretty dull sequel. So there you go: "Khan" feels wronged, commits a horrendous act wherein innocent people are killed, Kirk seeks revenge, "Khan" says the word "corpses" in amazing fashion. (That comes in at around the 1:29 mark in the clip below.) 

In case you were wondering, this here trailer also features a shot of Alice Eve in her underwear, and an ogling (?) surprised (?) intrigued (?) Kirk. Make of that what you will. Also, in case you wanted a reason to look very closesly at that shot, there's a URL leading to a new poster hidden in it—at least according to

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