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Remember how Bradley Cooper was nominated for an Oscar? Well, here's the first full trailer for The Hangover Part III, which features Cooper and the so-called "Wolfpack" back to their old tricks. Yes, we've got bizarre Zach Galifianakis, wild animals in unlikely situations, crazy Ken Jeong, and, well, Vegas, the location they eschewed in the second installment for Thailand. 

Oh, there's some new stuff, too. John Goodman is in this go-round. So is Melissa McCarthy. Still, it's unclear—and we don't have high hopes—that this will recapture the spark of the first installment, which exceeded expectations by being surprisingly creative. The second movie was criticized for simply reusing the original's framing device—losing a member of a group before a big wedding. Goodman has implied that the movie won't follow this same formula telling Jimmy Fallon that it's different from the first two. This trailer, as /FILM notices, also makes it seem like there won't be that now tired structure. That said, it does feature a funeral. The Hangover series: two weddings and a funeral. 

Yesterday Warner Bros. released a movies poster which, as Yahoo pointed out, parodies a two-year-old Harry Potter movie poster, which does not inspire much confidence. 

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