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The just launched TV spot for Baz Luhrmann's risky 3D blockbuster version of The Great Gatsby still has all the flash of our previous encounters with the Cannes-opening film, but this look turns an eye to the central romance. There's also no "No Church in the Wild," which is—you know—a change of pace. There is, however, Jack White's cover of U2's "Love is Blindness."

This version of the trailer opens with Leo DiCaprio's Gatsby introducing himself. He and Carey Mulligan's Daisy share some happy and passionate moments. Tom Buchanan gets mad. Rumors about Gatsby fly, and then there's a car crash. (A semi-spoiler for anyone who didn't read this thing in high school?) Something about the whole mess—maybe familiarity—appears to be growing on us, but we still are approaching it with trepidation. 

The film is taking a big risk with its status as the Cannes opener on May 15, since it debuts in North America on May 10. Typically, that opening night spot goes to a film making its world premiere, as the Hollywood Reporter noted, but Warner Bros. is not budging, making it a risky venture if the film is already poorly received. That said, THR noted that: "Veteran marketing and publicity executives say Warner Bros. and producers Lucy Fisher and Doug Wick have likely shown the film, or extended footage, to select opinion-makers and are thus confident that Gatsby will click." 

So perhaps this thing—after being pushed back from December—is good after all. We'll see soon enough. 

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