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Welcome to the Box Office Report, where Steve Carell's career was the only thing Burt Wonderstone ever made disappear. Poof! Just like that, it was gone. 

1. Oz: the Great and Powerful (Buena Vista): $42.2 million in 3,912 theaters [Week 2]

This is the new Hunger Games, folks. James Franco's Oz was the year's first movie to hit $100 million domestically, which it did in its first six days of release. Oz dominated again this weekend by bringing in just over half what it earned on opening weekend. Oz has now taken in roughly $281 million worldwide for no apparent reason other than shininess? Think about your life, world. Think about your choices.

But the real news this weekend is how embarrassing everything else did...

2. The Call (Sony): $17.1 million in 2,507 theaters

...except for Halle Berry in The Call! Which, what?! This first week return is a big surprise considering the budget was only $13 million and Barry hasn't had a hit since the Box Office Report was still in high school. (Seriously, her IMDB page is depressing.) But she did every interview possible and she's been almost relevant again recently. Or, if not relevant, than at least visible. And that's half the battle.

3. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (Warner Bros.): $10.3 million in 3,160 theaters

But the big, big story this week is just how terrible The Incredible Burt Wonderstone did. The combination of Jim Carrey and Steve Carell (and to a lesser extent Steve Buscemi) were supposed to bring in huge numbers. They couldn't fail! They were box office comedy kings! But alas, neither have done anything fantastic in years and this movie was apparently as bad as it looked. What makes Carell's failure all the more poetic is that filming on the final episode of The Office, the hit show he left to go be a movie star, wrapped late Saturday night. 

4. Jack the Giant Slayer (Warner Bros.): $6.2 million in 3,357 theaters [Week 3]

What's worse is Wonderstone marks the fifth movie Warner has released this year only to have them all land with a thud. There was the flawed Gangster Squad, the terrible looking Stallone-pic Bullet to the Head, the underrated but underperforming Beautiful Creatures, the embarrassment formerly knows as Jack the Giant Slayer, and now Wonderstone. This time last year Universal was sitting in the same position. If things don't turn around, expect the whispers from industry analysts about turnover at Warner's top to start soon.

5. Identity Thief (Universal): $4.5 million in 3,002 theaters [Week 6]

The expectations for McCarthy's The Heat with Sandra Bullock raise exponentially for every week this sticks around the top five. No, really, our scientist friend showed us the equation. 

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