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The week of so much Justin Timberlake is finally coming to a close, with a rumor coming true: Timberlake will indeed be performing at SXSW. He's taking the stage at the last of the festival's Myspace Secret Shows on Saturday night in Austin. Of course, this makes makes all too much sense, since Timberlake himself is an investor in the (outdated) social media company

Per the festival, the late-night gig is available on a first-come first-serve basis, "but only to those who've connected to Myspace Secret Show artists"—so, yes, you have to get on Myspace again. Those with SXSW Platinum and Music badges can also enter... a drawing. Questlove and RJD2 (of the Mad Men theme, of course) will also perform at the event. 

We basically knew Timberlake was performing earlier this month when Austin police let it slip that they "heard a rumor that Timberlake will give a surprise performance." Now that we can officially confirm the show, get ready to form your arguments about SXSW being too mainstream.

Which brings us to the end of a long week of (probably too much) Timberlake. Although the JT fever will continue slightly into next week with his CW special airing on Tuesday, when his album officially comes out (it's been streaming since this Monday), but for the most part we should see some sort of abatement. Friday night ends the "Timberweek" festivities on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Last night they sang "Africa" by Toto. Which, unlike joining MySpace to go to another sell-out show in Austin, is pretty tough to get all cynical about:

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