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Welcome to the Box Office Report, where we're still recovering from seeing all of last year's financial disasters. 

1. Jack the Giant Slayer (Warner Bros.): $28 million in 3,525 theaters

Oof. That's the best thing we can say about Jack's opening weekend. Just, "oof." Despite pretty positive reviews across the board, Jack couldn't muster an audience in its opening weekend. Instead, it only made $28 million and is drawing comparisons to one of 2012's biggest box office flops. See, Jack cost somewhere in the ballpark of $200 million to make. That doesn't include the costs of promotion and distribution. So you can see why studio executives are freaking out to Nikki Finke and dumping the stink on director Bryan Singer and writers Darren Lemke, Christopher McQuarrie and Dan Studney. This thing did $2 million less than John Carter did on its opening weekend. That's how bad this situation is. 

2. Identity Thief (Universal): $9.7 million in 3,230 theaters [Week 4]

The thing that might save Warner executives from losing their jobs is how poorly attened everything was this weekend. Viewing is down almost 40 percent compared to the same weekend last year. Everything else made less than $10 million. So, yeah, that's a point of optimism. 

3. 21 and Over (Relativity): $9 million in 2,771 theaters

This was written by the guys from The Hangover but looks like a sad, unofficial sequel to Project X. It even shares (at least) one actor with the definitive high school rager flick for the molly generation. Other things it has in common with X: it's bad. 

4. The Last Exorcism Part II (CBS): $8 million in 2,700 theaters

I did not know this movie existed until 40 minutes ago. 

5. Snitch (Summit): $7.7 million in 2,511 theaters [Week 2]

Hopefully this movie was as cheap as it looks, because less than $8 million in its second week is just sad. Really, hilariously sad.

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