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At long last, Lionsgate has released The Hunger Games: Catching Fire promotional images that show some of the new characters in their full glory. Most important of all, they've finally shown us Sam Claflin as Finnick, the sexiest Hunger Games tribute that ever wrapped his hands around a cornucopia. In Suzanne Collins's books, Finnick, a previous victor brought back for a special all-stars Hunger Games, is described as extremely handsome — so much so that he's been pimped out in his post-victory life as a courtesan to the women and men of the Capitol. So the casting was a tricky task. I was of the belief that they'd just have to grow a new actor in a lab or travel back in time and cast young Jude Law. But of course they couldn't do either of those things, so after a long search they settled on this Sam Claflin character, who appeared briefly as a dopey prince in Snow White and the Huntsman. And now here he is in all his Finnick regalia. What do we think?

Well, he ain't ugly, that's for sure. He looks pretty good, doesn't he? Is he exactly the Finnick we all had pictured in our heads? No, of course not. Because that Finnick exists differently in all of our heads. What a silly thing to freak out about, really. So, yeah, it's good to see that they did their job and somehow found an extremely handsome man who works in the film business. Remarkable that they were able to do that.

The true impact of this photo news is a reminder that, huh, it's kind of hard to care that much about the Hunger Games movies, isn't it? Sure I'm curious to see the next one, but the first in the series was dull as dishwater. So why should we expect anything different from the subsequent movies? I suppose there's an argument to be made that since it's got a new director, Francis Lawrence, Catching Fire could be totally different and exciting, but I don't really see a Harry Potter-style, post-Chris Columbus turnaround happening here. Collins's books only get more muddled and descriptively confused as the series progresses, so it's an uphill climb.

But anyway, yeah. That's Finnick. Whaddaya think?

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