How I Know I Am Back Home in SoCal

The ideal combo: beer, Southern California, and security theater.

At the wonderful CaCao "Mexicatessen" in Eagle Rock, near Occidental College where my wife and I are based this week, I have my first experience tonight with the products of Cucapá Beer, from Baja. What gets my attention, apart from the idea of this kind of craft beer coming from Mexico, is the label on their impressive "Runaway IPA":

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for CuCapaBeer.jpg

To spell out the joke, here is the famous "caution: illegal immigrants crossing" sign on I-5 just north of San Diego. I didn't take this picture, but I've seen the sign often enough to know that it is real. 


[Update: a number of readers have pointed out that the sign isn't there any more. I haven't driven that road in a few years so haven't seen it myself recently, so I'm willing to believe that it's been taken down. It lives on in memory and iconography.]

I admire Cucapá's panache in presenting this beer. Also from their product line: a stout called La Migra.