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It's been a strange road for Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby, but now a very 3D Fitzgerald adaptation is finally getting it's big break: Gatsby will premiere on opening night at Cannes this May in a surprisingly bold turn for the film festival. 

Reuters reported this morning that Luhrman's shiny, Moulin Rouge-yJay-Z soundtracked take on Jay, Nick, Daisy, Tom, and the gang is going to open the fest on May 15. It's a big break for for a blockbuster with great expectations — if high trepidation — that has made its way this far by way of a rocky path. Originally supposed to open in the thick of last year's Oscar season, the film was delayed until this summer, prompting questions about quality.

The trailers, so far, have raised our eyebrows: they are quintessentially Baz Luhrmann, all gaudy and glittery. Yes, it might be fun, and it might not be as bad as the Robert Redford version, but is it really a legit Gatsby, a book so many hold dear? Would F. Scott Fitzgerald even listen to "No Church in the Wild," let alone approve?

The past two openers for Cannes have been decidedly more low-key films that both can be described as "charming." Last year the festival began with Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom, and the year before Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris kicked things off. Though each of those movies are filled with stars, they most certainly are not what we are expecting Gatsby to be: a polarizing take on a classic that could just as easily offend as it could delight.

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