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Season two of Girls ended on a—sort of—upbeat note on Sunday after a seriously dark turn, but a call for extras indicates that the HBO hit will be taking a trip to rehab sometime in the third season.

The notice from the Facebook page for Central Casting, a resource for background actors, was picked up by sites like Salon and Bowery Boogie, and indicates that the show is looking for people to play "patients." Here are some examples of what the show is looking for. We've put some points of interest in bold: 

*UNION or NON UNION Male to portray caucasian heavy set ages 18-25 patient. Please submit candid headshot and full body to with subject line HEAVY SET ALCOHOLIC.

*UNION or NON UNION Male to portray African American patient ages 37-40 well dressed business man with high end suits and/or business casual. Please submit candid headshot and full body in a suit to with subject line WELL DRESSED REHAB PATIENT.

*UNION or NON UNION Female to portray Caucasian / quiet / overdone hair styled patient ages 60-70. Character is really concerned about her hair. Please submit candid headshot with fully styled hair to with subject line: WOMAN WITH OVERDONE HAIR.

They are also seeking a "Latin social worker type." (Bowery Boogie calls the entire list, set for filming next month, an "interesting collection of stereotypes.")

Honestly, any number of Girls characters could go to rehab, so Lena Dunham's new writing team should have its hands full. Hannah has debilitating OCD. Adam is a relapsed alcoholic. We found out this season that Jessa, who is currently AWOL, has already been to rehab for heroin use

Though the people the show is looking for seem high on quirk factor, the idea of rehab really does put a damper on our dreams for a "return of fun" in the third season, since even though you can meet all kinds of crazy characters in rehab, it's just not the same as a party in Bushwick. 

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