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May no Yankee ever complain about being hated ever again. Because, after a lengthy legal war, the Yankees are officially recognized by the courts as Baseball's Evil Empire. They had it copyrighted. The Wall Street Journal reports the baseball team fought a trademark application from a group called Evil Enterprises who tried to lockdown the phrase that has been connected to the Bronx Bombers since 2002. In doing so, the team was granted the trademark for the phrase. So now when anyone says "Baseball's evil empire" they are officially referencing the New York Yankees, according to U.S. law.

The best part of this whole thing is how the Yankees argued to be recognized as the evil empire:

Part of the Yankees' argument: a concession that in the baseball world, they are, in fact, the "Evil Empire." In its legal papers, the team referenced a number of articles from the past decade using the term in connection with the Yankees, and conceded that the team has "implicitly embraced" the "Evil Empire" theme by playing music from Star Wars during their home games.

Basically, their argument was that everyone hates them and they play the "Imperial March" sometimes during games. Sometimes the law is a wonderful, amazing thing, and this is one of those times. Now someone cast Mariano Rivera in one of the new Star Wars movies and make this marriage complete. 

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