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Musicals were the them of Oscar night, and the movie musical tribute about halfway through the seemingly endless show featured Jennifer Hudson belting "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going...," Anne Hathaway singing "One Day More" passionately, and Catherine Zeta-Jones... lip sycning? In a post-Beyoncé-at-the-inauguration world, some raised questions as to whether Zeta-Jones, who did her "All That Jazz" number from Chicago, dancing and all, was not really singing her effort:

Everyone jumped on immediately:

Of course she was followed—after Jennifer Hudson—by the Les Misérables cast, which featured Russell Crowe, for better or for worst, who was undoubtedly going to face ridicule: 

Not too long after that tribute, Adele to the stage to sing "Skyfall," who even caught the attention of newly anointed winner for Best Supporting Actor, Anne Hathaway: 

And prompted jokes about everyone else: 

You can watch the musical tribute via Perez Hilton

And more of the musical numbers from Now This News:

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