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Today in celebrity gossip: Brand and Angie's kid is making big bucks, Justin and Jay-Z head out on the road together, and Kim & Kanye sorta party with Will Smith.

You've heard of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, yes? They are extremely well-paid movie actors who have been a couple for some time and who have nineteen children together. As often happens with a family business — be it roofing and siding, funeral services, or grifting marks down at the racetrack — one of Pitt and Jolie's thirty children, Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, is now taking after her parents, professionally speaking. And, just like her parents, she is being well-compensated for it. Vivienne is in the movie Maleficent with her mother, playing the young version of Sleeping Beauty, and for her trouble the 4-year-old was paid $3,000 a week, plus a $60 per diem. The $3,000 per week was probably scale, same as any other random actor in the movie, save it for college. But the $60 is outrageous! What does a baby need with $60 a day?? A four-year-old baby should not be spending much more than $30, $35 max on the average day. Which means Vivienne is probably pocketing the rest, which seems wasteful on the studio's part. I mean, where is this baby going to lunch that she needs $60 a day? She doesn't have a rental car to cover or anything, partly because she carpools with her mom to work, but mostly because she's a baby, and babies don't use rental cars. A baby doesn't need much, honestly, and yet here she is, toddling around with a fresh $60 in her pocket every damn day. It's just ridiculous. Absolutely absurd. [TMZ]

As you may have suspected after seeing them all buddy-buddy during Sunday night's Grammy Awards, rapper Jay-Z and denim tuxedo model Justin Timberlake will be embarking on a stadium tour together. It's not a huge, world-spanning thing, though. They're only doing ten cities, so they probably won't be coming to your town. Don't worry, Wilmington, they'll definitely be stopping in your city. And of course, Akron, you've no need to panic. Same goes to you, North Platte. You will all be fine, as you always are when the big tours come through. Washington, Miami, Dallas? I dunno guys, it's touch and go. But anyway, mostly what this means is that Beyoncé and Jessica Biel are now going to become tour wives. Standing backstage and beaming as their men go on stage and do their little musical show. Jessica will ask Beyoncé how she's been, and Beyoncé will say something like "Oh you know my new album just sold forty million copies and they've made me queen of Belgium." Jessica will nod and Beyoncé will say, "And what about you?" Biel will take a breath, look off into the dark. "Well, y'know, I pitched a Stealth sequel to the Reelz channel the other day, so we'll see. Could be going to Lithuania to film that for a few days." Beyoncé, ever polite, will smile and nod, feigning interest, and say "Yeah, I think Kelly and Michelle said something to me about that." And then the crowd will roar and they'll turn their attention back to their husbands, flailing away on stage, defiant and proud under all that light. [Page Six]

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been in Brazil recently, and so has Will Smith, apparently. As it turns out, K & K were staying in the hotel suite just below Smith, and Kim tweeted a video of Smith partying on his balcony while Rio's Carnival raged on the street beneath them. There's another shot taken from across the street or something that shows Kim and Kanye quietly on their balcony, taking photos, and Will and a bunch of buddies whooping it up just above them. I guess they didn't want to all hang out togetehr? There's no rule that says that famous people have to hang out when they're near each other, but these particular famous people have similar interests. Acting, music, being vaguely creepy, going to Carnival in Rio apparently. I think they should have all been hanging out. If only to save everyone down below from having to look up and down, up and down between the two balconies. Consolidate, famous people! We're living in compact times. [Us Weekly]

It seems that Scarlett Johansson auditioned to be Fantine in Les Misérables but did not get it, obviously. The actress, currently on Broadway in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, says that she sang her heart out for the role, but that she had laryngitis the day she auditioned. So that's why she didn't get it. Aha. Well, she then says that she thinks it was fate that the role eventually went to Anne Hathaway, because she did such a good job, but you know her real excuse is that laryngitis. Can you imagine if she hadn't been sick? And if she had gotten the role? Totally different thing. Entirely different movie you've got. Or at least different part of the movie. Also it's weird to think about an actress as big as Scarlett Johansson having to audition for something and not getting it. I mean we all know that someone like Jessica Biel goes out for like every role and doesn't get it, but ScarJo? I thought they just brought her scripts on a silver platter. "Madam, The Avengers has arrived for you." "Thank you, Biel. That will be all for the evening." [E!]

Dominic West and Helena Bonham Carter will soon be showing Grant Bowler and Lindsay Lohan how it's done in a British TV movie about Richard Burton and Liz Taylor. Yes that's almost as weird casting as Lindsay Lohan was, but just go with it. They're better actors, so they'll do a better job. Plus it's a British production. It'll be classier no matter what. I know it's hard to be classier than Liz & Dick, what with its gorgeous painted backdrops and break-easy glassware, but somehow the Brits will pull it off. And by "it" I mean one of Lindsay's wigs. [Deadline]

I'm not sure which is funnier: that Janice Dickinson left a benefit fashion show called "The Reality of FASHION The Reality of AIDS" still wearing $20,000 in loaned jewelry and had to be tracked down to give it back, or that there was a fashion show called "The Reality of FASHION The Reality of AIDS." I mean, J.Dicks "forgetting" to take off her $20,000 diamonds and giving them back much later is pretty good, but then again there's "The Reality of FASHION The Reality of AIDS." And the knowledge that Dickinson was joined by Ramona Singer, Alex McCord, and Deena from Jersey Shore. "Reality," get it? And because AIDS is an acronym and therefore capitalized, they went and made FASHION all caps too. Because that way it makes sense. The Reality of FASHION. And the Reality of AIDS. They are one and the same. Forever bound. Like Janice Dickinson and someone else's jewels, they are not easily parted. [Page Six]

Patrick Schwarzenegger went to lunch with his dad. Nothing more to say about this, just thought you should know. They went to lunch together in Beverly Hills. Then maybe Patrick had class. Who knows. Anyway, hope it was a nice meal. [Daily Mail]

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