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Radiohead's Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich did a Reddit AMA Monday morning, and it shouldn't surprise any of the band's fans to hear that the answers given range from weird to... weirder. Was it as cool as an AMA with a guy in space? For some, certainly. Radiohead is one of the biggest bands of the last 20 odd years. And Yorke has a reputation as a bit of an odd duck, and we learned it's plenty justified on Monday. The two stopped by the popular Q&A platform to promote the new album AMOK from their new supergroup Atoms for Peace (which you can hear by clicking here). Godrich seemed to be the more coherent of the two men. Yorke's answers are almost nonsensical in some places.

First, the biggest news to come out of the exchange: 

Radiohead recorded two songs with Jack White! One of them, "indenikit," is a song they do live that everyone loves. We're only passive Radiohead fans, and still we're excited to hear this collaboration. But still, read that response again. "Its nice there, red and black and white nshit." OK, Mr. Yorke. But that's not the end of it: 

The two also got philosophical. 

Someone asked Yorke to address his Bill Murray-esque public photobomb that still circulates the internet. He denied any involvement. "No one will ever believe you," indeed

They were pretty nonchalant about music piracy. Their album leaked? That means people are listening! And that they care!

Shrubberies everywhere are worried about Yorke's comments on songwriting, too. 

Fans freaked with jealousy when Yorke offered a coffee to one lucky Redditor. 

This answer started off normal enough until Yorke got to the "are you being in sampled?" part. Yorke, for the record, speaks English. (We think. Unless this is an alien impostor.) He is from England. (We think. Unless this is an alien impostor.)

There was also this moment where the Yorke and Godrich had a conversation while answering the same question with the same account. 

And there more thoughts about coffee, too. Like how Yorke disclosed he's a "pain in the arse" if he doesn't drink it in the morning. It is satisfying knowing that Thom Yorke is human like you or me. We're all pains in the arse without coffee. But the undisputed weirdest answer out of the entire AMA was easily, without question, this one that involved Yorke's insecurity, buckets, and a vibrator: 

You can check out more of the AMA right here

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