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Though the entire country may have gotten emotional over that Budweiser ad and discussed that Go Daddy makeout scene and everything else between the whistles on Super Sunday, there were some ads that you may not have caught during the Super Bowl last night. Some were simply specific to regions. Others were examples of products capitalizing on that unfortunately timed power outage at the Superdome. Here are the spots you didn't necessarily catch. 

Though NBC may not have hosted the Super Bowl this year, the network got a perfect moment to advertise for their show Revolution with the surreal power outage. If you don't remember, Revolution takes place in a future in which all power has gone out. So the show's account tweeted: 

It was a great opportunity for the show, as The Hollywood Reporter points out, since some had already been making Revolution jokes when the lights went out. 

As we mentioned in our commercial roundup Oreo and its branding team worked quickly on using the power outage to their advantage:

Perhaps not as cutesy, but Tide also turned to Twitter for a blackout reference: 

As did Audi:

Volkswagen stayed on their message of happiness with their blackout tweet.

Old Milwaukee 
And you thought that Go Daddy ad was the only one with an awkward makeout scene. No, this Old Milwaukee ad starring Will Ferrell that reportedly only aired in three towns also had some uncomfortable lip-locking.   

Ferrell has a bizarre and excellent continuing relationship with the brand. 

Old Spice
This ad was set to air only in Juneau, Alaska


Dunder Mifflin 
An ad for real life Dunder Mifflin paper—which licensed from NBCUniversal—was made exclusively for Scranton, Pennsylvania, the locale where the show from whence the paper came is set. 


Mayors Against Illegal Guns
On a more serious note, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a group led by Michael Bloomberg, brought the gun-violence debate to the Super Bowl with an ad that played in the D.C. area

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