SNL's Justin Bieber Episode: 5 Best Scenes

Teenage girls swooned this week as Justin Bieber, apparently channeling Vanilla Ice's hair, took on double duty as host and musical guest. True to form, he swaggered and preened, but did prove willing to make fun of himself, and lost his composure in one sketch, as Taran Killam aggressively manhandled him. In a new installment of the Miley Cyrus Talk Show with Vanessa Bayer, he issued a sort-of apology for having recently been caught smoking marijuana. He perfomed "As Long as You Love Me" and "Nothing Like Us."

Some highlights...

Cold open—Super Bowl XLVII commentators James Brown (Kenan Thompson), Dan Marino (Jason Sudeikis), Bill Cowher (Tim Robinson), Shannon Sharpe (Jay Pharoah) and Steve Tasker (Taran Killam) get desperate as the Superdome power outage drags on.

The monologue—Justin Bieber dispenses roses, breathless compliments, and inaccurate Black History Month factoids to dumbfounded girls in the audience. (Also featuring a cameo by Whoopi Goldberg.)

Bravo introduces its new lineup of reality shows, from The Moroccans of Mulholland Drive to The Real Houseplants of Beverly Hills.

Corey (Kenan Thompson), the one black guy in every commercial, drops by Weekend Update.

Principal Frye (Jay Pharoah) is back and still struggling to keep order as the Booker T. Washington High School "Hurray for Abstinence" Valentine's Day dance gets underway.

Also: (Unfortunately not currently online) Justin Bieber's head of security (Jason Sudeikis) introduces Bieber to his twelve new body doubles, consisting of the entire SNL cast, male and female. (Beiber: "Some of them are black—they're not fooling anyone!" Sudeikis: "Neither are you, homeboy...")

NEXT, on February 16: Christoph Waltz, with musical guest Alabama Shakes.