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This week's New Yorker cover has transformed the magazine's dandy, Eustace Tilley, into a bearded, bespectacled, beanie-wearing, bike-tattoo-having Brooklyn hipster.

The cover was submitted via the 2013 Eustace Tilley Contest. Finalists in that annual competition to redesign the magazine's classic first cover included depictions of an aging Eustace, a Don Draper Eustace, and a "Gangnam Style" Eustace. The winner cover was designed by recent Brooklyn transplant Simon Greiner, originally from Australia. According to the magazine's Culture Desk blog, Greiner insisted that his Eustace was not a self-portrait: "I certainly move in a world where those people exist—they’re all around me—but they’re not my people. I’ve been identified as a Brooklyn hipster, but I’m sure I’m sort of at the edge of that Venn diagram." He does, however, have a beard. 

While Hipster Eustace did please some on Twitter: 

Others were not so fond of the makeover: 

So did Hipster Eustace Tilley go straight for Emily Nussbaum's Girls piece in this issue??  

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