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Today in Star Wars rumors: all the original lead actors are returning—not just Harrison Ford, but his twins!—and the movie will focus on a plot revolving around their children. Now mind you, once again, this is all just rumor. A report Friday from Showbiz411's Roger Friedman was picked up by folks like The Playlist and CinemaBlend. If this is true—and we caution that Star Wars rumors are a dime a dozen these days—this means we may already have spoilers. First off, there's, uh, new hope that we might get to see Princess Leia talk about being in an "abnormal psychology" textbook. Second, there's a chance that the new Star Wars trilogy might see J.J. Abrams and Co. take up the myths of our favorite heroes' next of kin, by way of plot lines that have already been nurtured in the expanded universe of Star Wars.

Luke, for instance, marries Mara Jade—a former bad guy—in Star Wars: UnionThey have a son, Ben. Meanwhile, Han Solo and Leia have three kids: twins Jaina and Jacen and Anakin. Anakin (not that one, but named after Darth Vader's former Jedi self) dies in the novel Star by Star. Jacen eventually becomes the evil Darth Caedus and is killed by his sister. So, clearly, there's a lot of material to go on here, especially in the case of the Solo family.

Oliver Lyttleton at The Playlist, however cautions that we shouldn't get too worked up about all of this, because the man who might save Star Wars by bringing some old-school movie knowledge may ignore the whole official-novel route: "All that said, don't expect things to play out exactly this way; Lawrence Kasdan has already indicated that the new films won't be following the established plots (thank god...), so it's possible that we could be seeing very different version of these characters, or that the children of Luke, Leia and Han will be entirely different characters altogether." 

As for other Star Wars rumors? John Williams has expressed interest in lending his music to the new movies. 

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