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Despite being the toast of the first half of this TV season, perpetual major network basement dweller NBC has seen a strong of terrible luck lately, and it got even worse late Friday. They were probably hoping you wouldn't notice through all the storm hype. 

NBC has seen better days, that's for sure. Smash is terrible. 30 Rock flew the coop. Everyone is bearish on the new zombified, Dan Harmon-less Community. The Office is getting ready to depart and Do No Harm debuted to embarrassing numbers for a major network drama. Oh, and Deception (NBC's answer to Revenge) isn't doing so well, either. 

Here's the first bit of good/bad news: NBC decided to pull the plug on Do No Harm after only two episodes. Just over 2 million people watched the second episode, and they got beat by a slew of lesser networks. So rather than embarrass themselves further... Do No Harm will no longer do harm to NBC's reputation.

Oh, and in our run down of 'things going terribly for NBC' we almost forgot to mention the absolute mess that is Up All Night, which just lost its lead actress Christina Applegate. She quit rather than forge through the new season that was going to add a multi-camera approach and be filmed in front of a live studio audience. You would think Up All Night would be doomed, right? A fast track to the TV graveyard for this one, but no. The craziest part is NBC might pull a Bewitched and continue the show without Applegate, replacing her with another actress. 

That a great idea, guys. Run with that one. See where it gets you. 

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