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Children (and probably a bunch of adults) will listen to Meryl Streep sing again. Composer David Krane, in an interview with the Litchfield County Times, confirmed a rumor that's been circulating: Streep will play the Witch in a movie version of Stephen Sondheim's Into the Woods. Krane told the paper

And then the biggest news—they are doing a movie of the musical 'Into the Woods.' Disney is going to make the movie and I will do the arrangements. Meryl Streep will be the witch and it will be the first time I have worked with her since 1977 when we did 'Happy End.'

The film is set to be directed by Rob Marshall, the director with whom Krane worked on Chicago and Nine. Sondheim's Into the Woods made its Broadway debut in 1987, starring Bernadette Peters in the role Streep is going to take on. Despite the Disney connection to the movie, the show is not the happy-go-lucky take on fairy tales that one might expect. In the second act, Grimm gets, well, grim. 

A group of actors did a reading of the screenplay back in October. For that version of the cast, which also included Allison Janney and Anna Kendrick, Donna Murphy played the Witch, a role she took on during the show's recent revival at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park this summer.  

Now, despite the oddity of the sourcing, it seems that Streep is indeed going to be practicing her best Witch's rap: 

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