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This weekend is the NFL Combine, where the new crop of rookies run and jump and are analyzed by professional scouts before the annual draft. Among this year's crew is Manti Te'o. You may have heard of him. He dated a girl that didn't exist. A lot of reporters had questions for him. 

Seriously, look at all these reporters

This is what Te'o could see

Thankfully he's not scared of public speaking. Somewhere, someone is looking at these pictures and starring at their very worst nightmare come to life for this kid. But the stood up there and answered questions like a pro. He said every team he's spoken with so far has asked him about the incident, but that it doesn't bother him anymore. He said if he was still embarrassed he never would have come to the Combine. "I cared for somebody, and that's what I was taught to do from an early age," Te'o said, addressing the incident. "When somebody needs help, you help them out. Unfortunately, that didn't end up the way I thought it would." He talked a little bit about the way he and his family handled the post-scandal fallout. "It was a whirlwind of stuff for me -- a 21-year-old kid, trying to get my thoughts straight," he said. "We wanted to let everything come out, and then have my side out there. The way that we did it, I felt, worked best for me. I'm just very grateful to those who helped me get through that time. I think it went as smoothly as it could."

The general consensus from reporters attending the press conference (and judging him on Twitter) was that he handled the press conference well. The only complaint, that we saw and agreed with at least, was Te'o's sartorial choice: 

Someone get that boy into the NFL so he can afford a personal stylist. 

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