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Despite his so-so Saturday Night Live performance, this weekend ended on a sour note for Justin Bieber. He might seem like a cool kid, but Bieber was actually the outcast Sunday night when his fellow musicians were all partying at the Grammys. Bieber, mind you, was unceremoniously shut out of those nominations. So, like the kid who didn't get invited to the Winter Formal, he decided to try to upstage all of the festivities by hosting a live stream at the exact same time the awards show was supposed to start. Unfortunately that didn't work out too well. 

He began to sound really upset: 

And so eventually Bieber posted a video in which he apologized, shirtless, and grooved to some of his own new music wearing a backwards baseball cap and a chain of some sort.

Bieber finished the night by posting a "little part a song I'm working on" on SoundCloud, but that appears to not be available anymore

So all in all it was a a pretty bad night for Justin Bieber. Don't anyone tell him that the ratings for his SNL were actually lower than the ones for Adam Levine's hosting stint. 

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